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Funding Information

Funding / Wire Information:

If you have any questions on the Funding/Wire of this loan please contact one of the following:

We gross fund so all monies are sent to closing and the attorney should return the following fees:

  • Origination
  • Interest
  • Escrows
  • and cents portion of MIP, LNG and VA Funding Fee

In rare instances the wire may not cover all fees. Please contact us at your ealiest convenience so we can arrange additional funds.

Closing Packages:

The signed closing package must be returned the day of the signing/closing on all refinances.  If the package is not received 24 hours after closing the wire may be delayed for funding.

While the Borrower is STILL in your office:
Please email (preferable) or fax (540-301-5061) the following documents for funding authorization:

  • All pages of closing instructions
  • Fully executed HUD
  • Note
  • Deed of Trust

After receipt of funding authorization return the executed loan closing package to:

Alcova Mortgage
Attn: Lance Bowen
305 Market St., #204
Roanoke, VA 24011

All documents must be in our office 24 hour prior to disbursement of loan funds.

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